Spring has sprung in Miami and the Peacocks are bedded up! Nice Pairs of Peacock Bass and Largemouth Bass bedded up make for great sight casting possibilities with the fly rod, jigs and live bait. Water has warmed up and the Clown Knife fish are biting again. Just a half hour away in the beautiful Florida Everglades, it’s the peak of dry season. This means the fish are STACKED up and piled in to the little water that is left: CANALS! Great action with very high numbers of Peacocks, Largemouths and cichlids plus pickerel and gar make for exciting catches out there for another month until the rains come. When you call to book your trip we will discuss what kind of fish and fishing you would like to do and I will pick a location conducive to your catching needs. BISCAYNE BAY: Big Tarpon, chunky Jack Crevalles and a few permit are chasing mullet and crabs early and late in the day. Book your trip and let’s go catch whatever fish gets YOUR blood flowing! Don’t forget to stay safe from the sun and practice respectful corona virus ethics while fishing with a good face mask. They are light-weight and breathable and washable for re-use. They also give the angler solar and UV protection. Click on the Hook and Tackle Link on my site.

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