everglades largemouth bass charter

Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass Largemouth Bass are native to South Florida. They will strike almost any kind of bait and their strike is always exciting! The best Largemouth Bass fishing here is in the Florida Everglades from October through May. On these trips … Read More

jack crevalle weigh in

Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle Jack Crevalle or “Jacks” are the Atlantic Ocean equivalent to Giant Trevalle in the Pacific Ocean. We catch them in freshwater and saltwater of Biscayne Bay.    They are one of the strongest fighting fish on earth and strike … Read More

Miami Clown Knife Fish Charter

Clown Knife Fish

Clown Knife Fish Like the Peacock Bass, Clown Knife Fish can be caught only two places on earth. In this case those locations are Southeast Asia and South Florida. Nobody can prove how they got here, but we are certain they were released … Read More

Miami Snook Charter


Snook Snook can be caught year round in the freshwater canals and lakes of Miami and in the saltwater of Biscayne Bay, but summer and fall are best for this warm-water loving fish.    They strike swimming plugs/jerk baits and live … Read More

Yudith Peacock Bass Miami Canal

Peacock Bass

Peacock Bass Butterfly Peacock Bass were introduced here in Miami in 1984 by State biologists to control the spread of Talapia in South Florida fresh water canals and lakes as well as the Everglades. Their population exploded!   They exist in only two … Read More

Miami Tarpon Charter


Tarpon Tarpon ain’t called “the silver king” for nothin’! Tarpon occur here naturally in freshwater and saltwater.    We target the larger ones in Biscayne Bay. We target the smaller, more acrobatic ones in the freshwater canals and lakes of Miami. … Read More